Message from the President

A step toward the future, together

Since the establishment of LEAF’S GROUP, we have achieved steady growth by focusing on the implementation of essential social infrastructures. In a rapidly changing society that easily exceeds our imagination, we have always placed our highest priority on providing services that meet social needs and solid technological capabilities to realize a more prosperous society. Furthermore, we anticipate significant changes in the future due to the promotion of renewable energy policies aimed at realizing a decarbonized society. The transition to renewable energy is an important step toward protecting our planet and leaving a beautiful environment for future generations. We are proud of this mission and will continue to work together with you on the path to a better future. And we will continue to strive forward every day with our philosophy of “always challenging ourselves and contributing to society.” We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

President and CEO  Daichi Inoue

The Society We Aim for

Path to the Future, Sustainable Urban Development

We help create sustainable cities through the integration of telecommunications infrastructure and renewable energy. We support cities to become environmentally friendly, thus improving the quality of life its residents and in stimulating economic growth. We also want to advance them into the future with the help of Digital Technology and promoting Energy Efficiency. We will continue to expand our renewable energy business to support your affluent lifestyles and contribute to further development.

In this era of pursuing carbon neutrality, we are reminded that individual citcizens have the power to make this happen. Since in this modern age we always need power, we want to provide a clean source of energy that everyone can use.

Company Profile

Company Information

Company Name LEAF’S GROUP Inc.
Head Office Heim Youly 103, 4-20-14 Shimoochiai, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Pref. 338-0002 Japan
Business location Zaal Room A, 2-17-2 Shimoochiai, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Pref. 338-0002 Japan
Warehouse 6 10-1-1 Tajima, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Pref. 338-0837 Japan
TEL +81 50-3696-2232
FAX +81 48-617-1202
President and CEO Daichi Inoue
Board Members Director Kota Wada
Outside Director Yuta Matsui
No. of Employees 20 (including outsourcing)
Business Reuse Panel Service
Energy Management Service
Sustainable Energy Service
Communication Infrastructure Service
Energy-saving Window Film Service
Manufacturers we handle ・Choshu Industry Co., Ltd.
・Next Energy Co., Ltd.
・Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. POWER DEPO®
・Smart Star
・KYOCERA Corporation
・Canadian Solar Inc.
・Panasonic Corporation
・PowerX, Inc.
・Sangetsu Corporation


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