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Our vision is to contribute to the environment and improve the QOL of residents through sustainable urban development. We strive to build greener, more energy-efficient cities and pursue global environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


LEAF’S GROUP Inc. is a brand new company created in 2018. Our main business is solar, EV, and cell phone base stations, and we are committed to the design, construction, and after-sales service of our products. To this end, we actively support our members in acquiring qualifications. We pay for training and course fees for those who acquire qualifications, and we also provide rewards and qualification allowances for qualifications required by the company.
We will continue to work diligently to provide a more affluent lifestyle to the people of Asia from Japan.

President and CEO  Daichi Inoue


What kind of projects can I be involved in?

We have the opportunity to be involved in many fascinating projects, including solar reuse projects, EV charging facility design and construction, and communications infrastructure projects. We are also actively researching and implementing new technologies and trends.

What skills and experience are you looking for in candidates?

We are looking for individuals with technical backgrounds and experience in renewable energy and communications infrastructure. Problem-solving skills, creativity, and the ability to collaborate and communicate in a team environment are also important. We value your interest in a sustainable future.

Tell us about your career growth and development.

We value our employees's skill development and career growth and offer ongoing learning and training opportunities. A variety of career paths are available, including project leadership, specialist, and management positions, providing an environment in which employees can grow according to their goals and ambitions.


Job Position ・Planning, design, construction, and maintenance of solar PV projects (in Japan/Philippines)
・Design, installation, and maintenance of EV charging facilities (in Japan/Philippines)
・Management and operation of communication infrastructure projects
・Research and implementation of new technologies and trends
・Leadership and mentoring of team members
Requirements ・Experience in solar PV, EV construction, or communications infrastructure
・Relevant degree or technical background
・Problem-solving skills, creativity, and initiative
・Teamwork and excellent communication skills
・Strong interest in sustainability and clean energy
Employment status Full-time employee, Contract employee, Outsourcing
Probation period 6 months
Salary 180,000 yen – 450,000 yen (Salary commensurate with experience and ability)
Employee benefits Various social insurance equipped, Support for acquiring qualifications, Parental leave system
Day off / Holiday Monday, Tuesday, National holiday, Year-end and new year
Others Incentive system, payment based on project profit

We offer equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.
We welcome those who wish to pursue careers in renewable energy projects (Solar, EV) and Communication infrastructure. Together we can build the future and achieve sustainable change.

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