Powering the Future Sustainable Energy

Our Vision

Advocating the use of clean renewable energy in an ever-accelerating society for a bright sustainable future

LEAF’S GROUP Inc. is redefining the future of energy and maximizing its contribution to the global environment by promoting clean renewable energy throughout the world with the vision of building a sustainable future through the use of renewable energy.
Our mission is to provide high quality and sustainable energy solutions to our customers, and to work with the government and international organizations to develop policies and regulations that support the introduction of renewable energy to create a future where the global environment can be protected and passed on to future generations.



Sustainable Development Goals

Clean Energy Revolution: Challenging “Development Goal 2030”
LEAF’S GROUP Inc. is taking on the challenge of the United Nation’s Development Goal 2030 to build a clean energy future. Through innovative use of renewable energy and improved energy efficiency, we are contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a sustainable future. Together, we are taking steps towards a clean tomorrow.


Through the integration of our telecommunications infrastructure and renewable energy we help create sustainable cities. Cities become more environmentally friendly, improving the quality of life for their residents and stimulating economic growth. We also advance them into the future through digital technology and energy efficiency.

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