Our Services

Our business is providing innovative and effective energy solutions through renewable energy to build a sustainable future. With a focus on contributing to the environment, we offer our customers solutions that harness the power of clean and sustainable energy.

Reuse Panel Service

Reuse Panels for the Environment and Economy

Reuse Panel service supports the future of clean energy in Southeast Asia through the reuse of end-of-life solar panels in Japan. The reuse of end-of-life solar panels promotes waste reduction and recycling, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. We will also contribute to a sustainable future through collaboration with local communities, with a focus on providing solutions tailored to local needs and environments.

Energy Management Service

Chargers that support eco-friendly mobility

EM service promotes the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EV) and supports sustainable mobility. We offer fast charging stations in a wide range of locations, providing drivers with a convenient and quick charging experience. We will contribute to a clean and eco-friendly transportation future.

Sustainable Energy Service

Illuminating a clean future with Solar power

Sustainable energy service utilize the sun\\\'s rays to generate clean and sustainable energy. We deploy solar power projects and generate electricity through solar panels. This method will enable a future of earth-friendly energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are taking a step toward a sustainable future.

Communication Infrastructure Service

Building a Connected Future

Communications infrastructure service contributes to the development of innovative technologies and networks, building the future of connectivity. We connect people, businesses, and communities by building and maintaining fast, reliable communications networks that enable the exchange of information. This will transform the way we live, do business, and communicate more efficiently. Through our communications infrastructure service, we contribute to innovation and development by building the foundations that connect the future.

Energy-saving Window Film Service

Comfortable indoor environment and future of savings

Energy-saving window film service are applied to window glass to improve energy efficiency while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. The films protect the interior from summer heat and winter cold, minimizing the use of air conditioners and heaters and contributing to savings. In addition, it provides protection from UV rays, providing a comfortable environment. Utilizing energy-saving window film reduces energy waste and helps the environment.

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