Class EV charging by utilizing the fastest renewable energy in Japan

PowerX Hypercharger
We provide new charging facility construction that realizes environmental value through the use of renewable energy.
Charging service features
◼️ Super-rapid charging: Able to charge a vehicle with a cruising range of approximately 130 km in a short 10-minute charge time with the fastest class of output in Japan, up to 150 kW. (In the case of compatible car models)
◼️ Reservations available: Reservations can be made in advance using a dedicated app, allowing for smooth charging with no waiting time.
◼️ Re-energy recharging: “Re-energy full tank” with a menu of recharging rates to choose from.
◼️No 30-minute limit: Choose up to 60 minutes of usage time, depending on the length of your stay.
◼️Location: Easy to access and located where you want to go in your daily life
◼️ Usability: Easy-to-understand operation via smartphone app

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